Strengthening the professional practice throughout the dance sector - a central aspect of the work EDN carries out in order to create opportunities for creative players to test and advance new working methodologies, management skills and enhance their working conditions

One key objective for EDN is to provide access to a range of information, orientation and advice for the network members' workforce and the dance sector. Concretely, this objective is relevant for both dancers and other cultural operators.

Working conditions in the dance sector

What EDN as a network both enables and continues to explore, are the best strategic, innovative and most effective approahces for allocating resources and support necessary for makers to advance their artistic and creative endeavours. To create, present and share their work to new audiences, working transnationally and being able to internationalise their practice.

This is what can be found specifically under the section "Working conditions", tackling international touring as well as socio-economic (precarious) position of the artists and the cultural operators.

Different professional practices

Additionally, this section provides a exhaustive overview of the activities of EDN related to different creative players.

Artists - Dancers & Choreographers - their education, practice, and further training opportunities are taken under the loop to sustain talent development throughout Europe.

Cultural players - in response to shifting needs in the sector, EDN is seeking fresh approaches to uphold the professional viability of the members' workforce as well as the one of the dance sector. Leadership development programmes and transferability of skills are at the core of the work EDN does with its members.